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Who we are...

  • Platinum Wealth Markets is a full-service integration of private placement offerings and integrated financial services targeted at self employed and wholesale / professional investors in chosen jurisdictions.

  • Our objective is to provide a range of custom private placement offerings that are privately distributed in nature and only available via our authorised partner program network.

  • Our core marketplaces generates opportunities where our partners, through our integrated platform spends time and effort sourcing and assessing high grade opportunities for partners of the Platinum Wealth Markets Platform.

  • Opportunities are underpinned by specialist financial services offerings, as a means of not just coordinating, but tying together critial elements of each transactions.

Our Purpose

  • The purpose of PWM is to coordinate and control market opportunities, to be a common bridge and aide between the subsidiaries (service providers) and such market opportunities.

  • PW Markets is the core distributor of Investment Offerings provided to it through the Platinum Wealth Core Lines of Businesses. 

  • Each market vertical is engaged with the objective of sourcing investment offerings via a platform that marketplace opportunities meets investment products and services.

  • Marketplace opportunities are to be sourced, assessed and then distributed through the PWM partner program platform.

  • This platform involves PWM integrating a core marketing and distribution model in key markets, both domestically and internationally.

How we measure ourselves?

  1. Scalability – Ensuring everything we do is of a scalable nature. This so we achieve volume and leverage in what we do.

  2. Accountability – Knowing and understanding who is required to do what, at every stage of the cycle. And by having our own internal measures to ensure accountability.

  3. Integrity – Ensuring we have the courage to make to right decisions and to act in the best interests of all parties at all times.

  4. Efficiency – To ensure we have the best systems and processes in place to ensure we deliver what we commit to in the quickest and most cost effective manner without compromising quality.

  5. Clarity – Ensuring we have all parties being clear as to not just what we want to achieve, but why.

  6. Marketability – To ensure that we are at the forefront of creating and adopting methods to ensure our brand and the products we offer increases our relevance to all parties.

  7. Fluidity – To ensure we act in unison.

  8. Creativity – To ensure we are continually finding ways to make what we do better.

  9. Transparency – Ensuring we have the right structures and information systems in place to document what we do and make this readily available to key parties when its needed.

  10. Reliability – By being consistent in our actions, our values and our game plan.

We have...

  1. Marketplaces - where the money is made

  2. Placements - the opportunity offering

  3. Financial Services Platforms - the glue that binds a deal together

  4. Reach - the ability to find the right people at the right time

  5. Footprints - in key cities of strategic importance

  6. Partners - Trusted and reputable

We are a Platform of choice...

  • Private Placement Platform

  • Integrated Financial Services Platform

  • International Distributor of Placements (where permissable)

  • A platform that places emphasis on and leverages human capital

What we are not...

  1. We are not advisors - advisors are part of our network that helps us structure offerings.

  2. We are not wealth managers - we provide offerings to them (based on local rules and regulations)

  3. We are not the same in every country. Different countries have different rules and regulations. We adopt a customised approach to each footprint we have.

  4. We are not mass marketers - we rely on our partner programs and their subsequent relationships to get the right offering to the right buyer / seller.

Why us?

  1. We have dealflow

  2. We have reach

  3. We have integration

  4. We have resources

  5. We have local knowledge

  6. We provide discretion

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