Frequently asked questions

Why is there no contact details?

Our platform is only for members of the Platinum Wealth Markets members network. Our platform is designed for trusted 3rd party advisers who have clients such as yourself, who wants to be offered special offerings that are not advertised mainstream. We also dont have contact details to protect the 3rd party adviser from circumvention (it happens!)

But I am interested in an offering of yours, so what happens next?

If you find something of interest then let your Platinum Wealth Markets partner know and they will handle the rest. They will notify us and then we will be in contact to allocate you to the right expert.

Why do you market only through advisers?

PWM is not an advisory firm, but the products and services we offer are of value to them. By distributing these offerings to this market only, we maintain control of how they are distributed, and to who. We also recognise the value of the advisor / client relationship, and the need to continually preserve that as best we can.