Property Development

Looking for a different way to get a property deal? Our platform specialises in custom packaging property transactions that creates win win situations. Below is an introduction to some of our custom buying products. 

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Little involvement for Maximum Returns

  • Permit Investment is where an investor invests money with a developer in order to obtain Development Approvals (DA).

  • The Developer has purchased a block of land or a home with the intention to sub divide / obtain a permit for development.

  • In order to obtain Development Approvals, sunk costs need to be invested as part of the planning and application process.

  • Developers offer attractive returns to investors who invest funds in such a process.

  • Property Developers by nature are always looking to leverage money as a means to continually fill a pipeline of projects.

  • They are more than comfortable to pay good returns to leverage investor money.


A great way to Diversify your Risk and Returns

The PWP Development Participation Program is a Mortgage banked investment secured against land and buildings.

This program provides a bonus return in form of profit share from development over and above fixed interest return.

What is it?

  • An alternative way for a developer to use investor funds as part of the capital funding of a project in return for a return on the investment.

  • Benefits for investors to secure their investment and still obtain development type returns.


Partner with the best...

  • Partner with someone who has something that you need, and who needs something that you have. Complimentary skills, backgrounds, and assets lead to clarity of roles and responsibilities, and better teamwork.

  • Some of our clients have the capital required for property development, but need a partner with industry knowledge. Others are a bit more experienced, and simply want a partner to look after the things that they don’t enjoy or have time for (site search, feasibility studies, design, etc.).

  • And, some are simply seeking a 10%+ Return On Investment, and stay largely silent through the project.


The Power of Investing as a group...

  • Property syndication is a direct property investment whereby you become owner of part of a commercial property leased to tenant(s) and receive a proportionate share of the rental income and capital growth.

  • This allows smaller investors to invest in large commercial and industrial properties.

  • The asset is fully managed on behalf of investors with all property management, financial and administrative matters taken care of.